​​​​Providing advice to businesses on how to best use information technology to meet their business needs and objectives.

  • IT Strategy and Information Management
  • Technical Audits
  • SharePoint Services
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​​​Our Service Offerings

IT Strategy & Information Management

​Having information is important but knowing what to do with it is more so. Proper management and processing of data is the core to an organization's success. 

We can help you design solutions that let you retrieve and manage your information so that it becomes a tool rather than a chore. Let us show you how to learn and adapt in ways to make your business sustainable through aligning your technology and business strategies with your information management.

Technical Audits

We offer an independent assessment of your current IT environment by conducting a full architectural review of your systems. We will provide you with a complete profile of your existing infrastructure, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Our approach will allow you to:

  • Acquire a CIO-level snapshot of your IT investments.
  • Identify obsolete technology that​ could spell trouble in the future.
  • Make upgrades without impacting over-stretched in-house IT department.
  • Verification that all license agreements are up to date and align with usage.
  • Analysis of internal and external network traffic, including identification of bottlenecks and security loopholes.​

SharePoint Services

SharePoint is a collaboration environment that organizations of all sizes can use to increase the efficiency of business processes.

We have led the configuration and customization ​of several successful instances of SharePoint for use as intranet and internet sites, document management storage, and shared resource portals.

We can configure managed navigation, multi-staged approval workflows, Master page and page layouts and much more.​