Run Straight Consulting Ltd. is 100% Canadian to ensure the highest possible privacy and security for our customers and users. We are owned and operate in Canada to ensure our solutions and data are truly secure.  Our primary customer-focus is the Public Sector with customizable solutions that address the latest government Digital, Security, Privacy, and Technology priorities.  

​​​​​​​Our slogan 'Clear Objectives - Clear Solutions' has been our guiding principle for over 14 years of delivering products and services across to the Public Sector.  In our early years, our consulting practice navigated customers through complex issues & strategies and transforming them to straight-forward, manageable, right-sized business solutions. Fourteen years later, Run Straight has expanded the consulting practice through the generous support of our clients to also become a Product Company with full end-to-end Systems Integration, Infrastructure, and Support Organization.  

Thanks to our proprietary​ technologies and solutions, many of Canada's most trusted government organizations and agencies choose Run Straight time-and-time again.  

Our technical solutions have always been designed and delivered with the same 'Clear Objectives - Clear Solutions' approach. Customers appreciate that our solutions' rich-capabilities also allow each customer to meet their unique objectives through our 'extra highly-configurable' solutions that maintain the highest reliability and security while being easy-to-learn, and overall, clearly the right choice.

Run Straight Consulting filled a specific gap in the implementation of Case Management strategies in the consulting space. Today, we are proud to have some of the most security and privacy-intensive clients rely on Run Straight to implement their mission-critical case management solutions.

We are an all-Canadian owned & operated organization with local domain-specific experts in each of our departments, including our full-featured Service Desk and SOC II Certified ​facilities.

Our Vision

To create the best possible outcomes for end users of our products and services by delivering capabilities that meet our customers' unique objectives while being highly-secure in all of our dealings, products, and services. It is our goal to consistently be our customers first choice as their IT and Business partners to help them adapt as their technology needs evolve.

Our Mission

To deliver straight-forward, compelling products and services without unpleasant surprises and with tremendous positive impacts for our partners and the people that depend on our products and services for positive outcomes. ​

Our Objectives

  • Deliver the best solutions that we can deliver
  • Provide the latest security and highest capabilities to control access to functionality and data 
  • Leverage our team of expert consultants to achieve even greater project success
  • Invest in our people and empower our teams of experts to build and share powerful insights to delivering the most effective case management
  • Provide customers with either On-premise or Cloud-based COTS, or help them move from one to the other
  • Continuously align and conform with changing Public Sector Case Management Best Practices, Enterprise Architecture, and Accessibility Standards
  • Provide the means to continuously increase our capabilities, and those of our customers, to provide the highest levels of service
  • Enable our customers, partners, and ourselves to make a better more sustainable world by becoming more Digital and reducing the use of paper
  • Continue to provide business areas with clear objectives, sound and meaningful information, to achieve powerful and clear solutions.

About Us​​​​

Run Straight's core products align with our company's mission 'to deliver the best Case Management solutions possible'.  Case Management takes many different forms that we have developed as design patterns to accelerate our customers' rollout to full operation. Our core Case Management Solution called "RS-CMS" delivers the best enterprise-class set of CMS functions & features.  Our most popular Configuration Accelerators are: for Legal Case Services, Financial Services, HR Services, Inspection Management, Incident Management; and with our many optional modules, RC-CMS can do so much more.

Using our domain knowledge and experience delivering our solutions, Run Straight has built a suite of companion Enterprise-class COTS and Software-as-a-Service products. Run Straight products are available either as On-premise or Cloud-based solutions hosted by/at Run Straight. RS-CMS is also available as a 'turn-key' solution through our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model with full 24-hour Support. RS-CMS meets the most-stringent needs of federal, provincial, municipal, and agency IT guidelines, including the  highest security and Accessibility requirements. 

Our Technology Teams work with our customers to ​continuously expand our library of integrated services with the public sector's shared services and hubs. We also develop new integrations to connect with other critical systems or build specialized functionality through our Run Straight in-house Development Group.  For customers that are migrating away from other products, we have Off-ramp Accelerators to migrate valuable data and information to RS-CMS from older CMS solutions such as: Siebel, Dynamics, PeopleSoft, SalesForce, ServiceCloud, or other platforms.

Run Straight's Advisory & Consulting services support customers with strategic and business consulting services to provide case management and domain-specific expertise in preparing for case management procurements, managing program governance, defining enterprise architecture, analysis & onboarding of CMS solutions, security assessments, operational effectiveness reviews & solutions, program & project management, and delivering Change Management initiatives. 

Our Support Team offers our customers a standard Support Desk options using our local team to deliver Tier 3-to-5, and now, we also offer Tier 1 & 2 for our customers or those that do not have live agent support 24 hours per day. We also provide Professional Services for customers that need short or long-term support with project management, business analysis, technical analysis, quality control, training, and support.​


  • Diamond Award at Showcase Ontario for Business Values and Results through Technology
  • Gold award at the Public Sector Quality Fair for Customer Service
  • Three time recipient of Employee Recognition Award for implementation of innovative new processes

It is our belief that a project's success in today's competitive work environment is dependent on a strong understanding of the business' goals and priorities. With this as a sound foundation, we have the most productive and collaborative relationships with open and straight-forward communication to achieve the success that each stakeholders expects.