​​​​​​​​​​We can help improve performance through the analysis of existing business problems and the development of solutions

  • Business Process Reviews
  • Business Architecture
  • Procurement
  • Communication Products
  • Training and Workshops
  • Data Integrity

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​Run Straight is proud to be a Vendor of Record with the Federal and Provincial Governments​.  L​earn More.​
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​​​Our Service Offer​ings

Business P​rocess Reviews

We develop alternative solutions to complex workflow issues, perform gap analysis, and produce comprehensive documentation related to business needs and processes.

Where finding efficiencies is the goal we can also perform time analyses to determine where resource shortages exist and offer solutions on how these shortages can be overcome.

Business Architecture

An analysis of existing applications as well as user and technical documentation can help align business processes, workflows and business requirements.


The ability to write an effective Request for Proposal "RFP" is crucial. We have prepared RFP's for a variety of project expenditures and our experience can help your organization solicit and obtain the best deal possible when it comes to your business investments. We can help you in the following ways:  Assessment of technologies and vendors, Creation and validation of RFP document, Evaluation of vendor responses, Advice on contractual issues, and Auditing of pilots and other proof of concept exercises.

Communication Products

Do you have a presentation coming up? Not sure where to start? We can put together your next PowerPoint presentation. With an understanding of your needs we can develop an effective and professional presentation for your next meeting.

Strategic planning is important since it is the formal consideration of a business' future direction. Key objectives and goals,​ including opportunities and threat/risk assessments, are identified during the strategic planning process. The operational plan is developed to achieve these objectives and goals.

Training & Workshops

Whether a first-time session or a refresher course, training can improve the efficiency within an organization. We offer training sessions that are designed to give your staff a better understanding of your organization's existing software products.

Data Integrity

Our business analysis techniques allow for continuous business improvement of operations including the preparation of data error reports and investigation of anomalies within data sets.​