​​​​​​Full-range of custom-solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization.

  • Business Documentati​on
  • Design and Development
  • Migration & Data Transformation
  • End User Training
​Run Straight is proud to be a Vendor of Record with the Federal and Provincial Governments​.  Learn M​ore.​

​​​Our Service Offerings

Business Documentati​on

We work with your management team and end users to document business functional and technical requirements.

Our complete documentation package includes process maps, requirements, business rules, and use cases.

Design & Development

We promote the use of the ASP.NET framework; however, can be flexible to meet your business needs.

Our use of dynamically controlled values increases the flexibility of our solutions, making customizations much simpler later on should business requirements 

In addition to our dynamic approach, we also use SOA which promotes the reuse of code, reduces maintenance costs and decreases the time required for changes.

​End User Training

We typically take a train-the-trainer approach to end user training and we provide the following supports:

  • End‐user manuals (user guides, admin guides, deployment guide, etc.)
  • Scenario‐based training materials
  • Custom page level help
  • Training videos

A unique feature of our solutions is our customizable page level help. A great support during and after training since the business can maintain the content as they see fit.