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  • HRIS Business Requirements
  • HR Toolbox Implementation
  • HRIS P​rocurement

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​​​Our Service Offerings

HRIS Business Requirements

Let us conduct a detailed GAP analysis or perform an environmental scan and best practices review to develop the business and technical requirements for your new HRIS.

Our team can facilitate interviews and workshops with organization stakeholders to assess current and future business requirements, process flows and discuss usability concerns with an existing HRIS system.

HR Toolbox Implementation

A strong Human Resources strategy is the foundation of any business that requires forward thinking. Today's fast-paced, technology-driven environment requires the strategic use of information technology. 

Our HR Toolbox offers several solutions to improve effectiveness, efficiency and services levels within an organization. While you wait for a new HRIS to be procured and implemented - realize the 'quick wins' sooner. 

​Our toolbox includes:

  • Strategic End-to-End Recruitment Solution (SEER)
  • Time & Attendance System
  • HR Information Management (HRIS)
  • Employee Self-Serve Online Portal
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)​
  • Scheduling ​​& Reporting functionality

​HRIS Procurement

We work within recognized industry best practices to develop effective Requests for Proposals "RFP's" that allow your company to hold vendors accountable.

An effective RFP allows for direct comparisons of proposals, from project plans to pricing options.  The benefits of our approach includes:

  • Creates a win-win atmosphere by clearly defining your success factors to vendors
  • Allows your management team to make informed decisions
  • Ensures that your RFP is soliciting the best technology from the best vendors
  • Avoids putting junior staff in the challenging position of managing experienced vendor sales staff​​​