​​​​​​Discover how you can improve the way you and your trusted Partners connect.​​

  • Allow Partners to access everything they need all in one place.
  • Built-in alerts notify of incoming messages & requests.
  • Security & encryption to protect sensitive data.

To learn more about our Partner Portal please contact us to arrange a demo​.​  Request a ​Demo
​An encrypted, multilingual portal allows Partners to securely share document, submit forms, and do e-filing. Our secure messaging and document sharing feature lets clients and partners share large sensitive documents securely, rather than as email attachments, where size limitations exist as do security concerns. The portal makes it easy for Partners to maintain their profile and do self-scheduling; reducing the amount of missed appointments and admin time spent updating client profiles. ​
​​Connect with trusted intermediaries.​​

​​Connect with trusted intermediaries.

Share files without the hassle. RS-Partner Portal is like the Client portal, but provides even more access to trusted intermediaries who can access everything they need all in one place, and share large, sensitive documents with your organization.

Excellent solution for tribunals. RS-Partner Portal allows respondent lawyers, agency service providers, adjucaries, and inter-organizations to share large, sensitive documents with their partners.​​

Instant notifications prevent messages from being missed.

Instant notifications prevent messages from being missed.

​​Built in alerts. Enjoy the added benefit of our secure messaging functionality that includes alerts built into the portal interface to notify users of incoming messages.

Pending Requests. Information Request functionality allows you to send notifications to users requesting information/documents that includes comments and expected timelines. The portal will alert Partners when they have a message or document request pendingAlerts can be tracked for the requester in a dashboard report and the party being requested for the information.

Priority/Delivery Options. With CMS integration your staff can also be alerted when a trusted intermediary has responded to your message or request.

​​ ​With the right software you can securely exchange information with Partners.

​With the right software you can securely exchange information with Partners. 

Secure two-​way document sharing. Current email methods lack the security and encryption to meet industry standards. However, our document sharing enables secure, two-way document transfer and communication between trusted intermediaries.

Hosted in Canada.
 To get around file size issues companies often use third party software hosted outside of Canada. However, with RS-HUB documents are hosted and stored within Canada to provide your organization with enterprise class security that meets industry standards.

Encryption. All communication through the Portal, including sensitive documents and health information, will be automatically encrypted and password protected.​

RS-Partner Portal Modules


Secure Messaging

Custom Surveys

​Secure Document Sharing

Profile Management

Self Scheduling