​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When you choose RS-CMS you are choosing a responsive, reliable, & high performance solution.​​

  • Master data record that holds all Client, Contact, & Case information in one place.
  • Packed with the functionality to simplify day-to-day work & help employees excel.
  • Designed with the public sector in mind, RS-CMS was built on n-tier architecture with enterprise-class security.
  • Business intelligence to provide management with the information they need.

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​​​Our commercial-off-the-shelf Case Management System offers flexible case management to meet your organizations needs. With a customizable intake module & referral database, role-based approval workflows, template generation, document management, & Outlook integrated scheduling, don't settle for less. 


Intuitive & easy to use interface.​​

Work Remotely - RS-CMS is web-based and accessible on any modern web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc. 

Mobile-friendly - Built in HTML 5 with Bootstrap means you can take your ​CMS with you, wherever you may find yourself.

Meets Accessibility guidelines - Designed to meet government and public sector accessibility standards, RS-CMS has undergone vigourous accessibility testing using web accessibility evaluation tools.

Built with multilingual functionality - Supporting English, French, and a number of other languages, RS-CMS allows users to work in their preferred language.


 Intuitive & easy to use interface
Highly configurable & built to​​ be customizable to adapt to your business flow. 

Highly configurable & built to​​ be customizable to adapt to your business flow.

Deploys in a variety of environments - Designed to be flexible, RS-CMS can be configured for use in many environments, including Legal Case Management, Claims Management, Incident Reporting, time & attendance tracking, as an interagency hub, & so much more.

Scalable & dynamic to offer Clients as much flexibility as possible - Our solution is a customizable COTS, which means that our use of dynamically controlled values increase flexibility & simplify any configurations that are required. Incorporating dynamic functionality also makes changing requirements and configuration much simpler later on should business requirements change. 

You don't need us to do it for you - Take control of this flexibility & make changes to system values, page level permissions, roles and stages without having to get us to do it for you.​ However, we are always here to help.

Integrates with 3rd party systems - We offer full data integration with third party products through either web services, API’s, or direct database. 

Automates the Case Management process, saving you time & elimating work.

Acts as a master record system - RS-CMS Suite acts as a Master record system that holds all data pertaining to a case file by ​connecting cases, contacts, documents, and emails.  RS-CMS was designed to support the linking of Clients that can have an unlimited number of case files & activities.

Allows for easy case setup - Starting with the intake, our custom intake form captures the exact information you are looking to collect. When a new intake comes into the system, it can be assigned for follow up, reviews can be requested (regular vs. expedited) or closed immediately upon saving. Intakes can be automatically assigned based on a user's profile (i.e. service or region), availability, priority, or urgency. 

Apply tasks lists to case files - When the case is assigned, the system can apply a predefined list of tasks if required to aid in prioritization, creating a series of Events & To-Do's for all case resources. Throughout the life of a case file, users can efficiently record the tasks they perform using the Matrix, which was designed for ease of use & quick data entry. 

Sav​es time & avoids frustration - Eliminate time-consuming tasks with auto populated templates & online self-serve Client Portal where clients can easily schedule & reschedule their own appointments, maintain their contact information, and submit forms. Avoid lost information & forgotten appointments with our built-in email, document management, & synced reminders. 

Automates the Case Management process, saving you time & elimating work. 
 Track & monitor the progress of your case files.

Track & monitor the progress of your case files.

Reduce missed deadlines - Users can take advantage of the Events & To-Do list functionality to send out reminders and alerts of upcoming and overdue work assignments, tasks, reviews, & deadlines. Full integration with Outlook means that users only need to enter information once & it will immediately appear in both their Outlook calendar & case file. 

Functionality to track the status of a case file - RS-CMS makes it easy for users to track the status of their case files. As work is progressing, users can add Notes and Activities to the case file to track decisions, correspondence, & more. The case progress bar, found on the Docket, also provides a visual tool of what has been done on a case file & what is yet to be done, based on the task list(s) applied to the case file. Additional functionality, such as the Closing Summary, will provide users with a list of outstanding tasks not yet completed on the case file.

Simplified and automated workflows - If any work needs to be approved throughout the life of the case file, the system has a built in workflow engine that offers simple, dynamic, and custom workflows that can be tracked.

Reduce Oversight - The system’s multi-user capabilities allow any user to log in and view a case file, making it easy for managers to quickly go into a case file to view the status at any time, preventing work from occurring in isolation. Management can also take advantage of the robust reporting module to run reports on the status of a case file & compare any data from the case file for historical comparisons. The ability to track work progress against service standards can also be accomplished through a custom report.

​ ​

​​​Bringing you n-tier, enterprise-class security.

Fully configurable - Built to industry best practices & Government of Ontario specs, RS-CMS was designed specifically for organizations working with sensitive information. Our dynamic security model means that RS-CMS can be configured to meet the unique needs of your organization. 

Remote access - ​​RS-CMS ensures secure remote access via internet, private network and VPN. 

Encryption - While data is at rest it is encrypted, and while it is in transit it is protected through SSL encryption. Privacy is further ensured through document encryption where sensitive documents are password protected with 256-bit AES encryption. ​​​​

​​​Bringing you n-tier, enterprise-class security.   

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