​​Discover a proven reporting solution that your organization needs​!

  • Reporting with the functionality to run & export standard & ad-hoc reports.
  • Role-based security allows you to share reports on demand with customers and clients.
  • Business intelligence offers management the information they need.

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​Is your organization having difficulty creating reports with multiple data sources, spending too much time formatting, and have limited resources available? We can help. Run Straight’s web-based reporting tool allows clients to easily run predefined reports on demand and transform raw data into meaningful and useful business intelligence information.

​ ​Powerful and Flexible Reporting.

Powerful and Flexible Reporting.

Easy to create reports. Easily create, run, and export reports. RS-Reports allows new reports to be created in minutes and shared with clients – an excellent way to save time and improve customer service.  Expect an easy self-serve report module, with a simple user interface and ability to create unique reports. ​​Run predefined reports on demand and transform raw data into meaningful and useful business intelligence information. Run Straight’s Reporting Solution can run SQL statements, Store Procedures or MS SQL Reporting RDLC files. We provide you with the tools you need to improve your business.

Pull Data from multiple data
sets. It can also pull data from multiple data sources and types, including MS SQL, DB2, Oracle & MS Excel or any OLE.DB supported data source. Returns up to five datasets for each report. Ability to run batch reports for larger reports.

Intuitive Management Dashboard.
Using RS-Reports management dashboard it’s simple to add charts, perform subtotaling, update reports, and define user access and permission.​​​

KPI Functionality. RS-Reports provides the key functionality required to track the progress and process towards your organizations ​desired goals. 

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Reliable client and role-based security.

Communicate securely with your clients.

Set role-based permissions. A built in security model ensures clients only access data that they are given permission to access. RS-Reports enables you to make on-demand reports available to customers and ​clients with its dynamic role-based security model. Our dynamic security and permissions encourages self-serve reporting. Grant your clients access to their own reports without having to worry.

 ​Reliable client and role-based security.
 ​​​​Dynamic Functionality.

​​​​Dynamic Functionality.

Our functionality enhancements allow you to do more with reports.

Encourages standard look & feel
. Once the standard is defined report generators can focus on creating the report. The reports are automatically generated using the company’s standard look and feel to ensure consistency in report generation. This allows report creators to focus on developing the queries and not on formatting the report.

Parameters. RS-Reports pulls parameters dynamically from store-procedures and data typing. RS-Reports checks for variable data typing and allows variables to be free text, drop down or checkbox lists. Saving you time.

Ad-hoc Reporting. Generate rapid reports that meet individual information requirements, allowing end users to dynamically modify report data for powerful information analysis. This flexibility frees up valuable IT resources and gets information to end users immediately.​

RS-Reports Modules

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