​​​​​​​​A new and innovative way to share information

  • A promotional t​ool
  • Share real-time stats with employees
  • Broadcast announcements & events
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Issue alerts to staff​
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Share information with your employees, clients, and the public with RS-Broadcast. RS-Broadcast is perfect for displaying real-time stats, promoting products and services, following RSS and social media feeds, sharing custom messaging, and so much more​​​.​

Create and deploy your own real-time, in-house broadcasting channels from a USB pen drive computer to as many display monitors as you need. It couldn't be any easier to install and use.  Get Creative with RS-Broadcast.​

Improve Communication.

Increasing employee engagement increases business performance and productivity. 

Flexible to any organization - There is no limit to the types of organizations that can benefit from using RS-Broadcast. Whether you are a small or large corporation, a medical facility, an educational institution, or work in the public sector ​​– we guarantee that RS-Broadcast can benefit the needs of your organization.​

Increase employee engagement - Have employee engagement climb with seamless communication between you and your teams. Advise managers and employees of additional and vital information, all from a centralized location, notifying them of meetings, events, protocols, products, and more.

 Improve Communication.
 Share Information your way.

Share Information your way.

Create your own in-house broadcasting channels to communicate with your employees, clients and even the public.

Schedule and display messages - Our functionality enhancements allow you to schedule ahead of time messages you want to share with your audience.

Real-time statistics - Display reports in a new way with our real-time metrics and information sharing capabilities. Design custom pages that display customer reports, IT tickets, shipment information, call centre data, waiting room progress reports, and more.​

Video breaks - Take advantage of the multiple video breaks to display product commercials, ​accomplishments, promotions, training videos and more.

Synchronized news feeds - W​hile you're at it, you can display company webpages, social media accounts, weather, and news.​


Be prepared for the future.​

Deliver critical alerts to keep employees, clients, and the public out of harms way.

Emergency management - Alert messaging option allows you to display three different alert message levels with built-in sound to notify every one of a danger or emergency. 



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