​​​​​​​​Planning, organizing and managing resources to achieve project goals and objectives​​.

  • Project Management and Co​ordination
  • Project Audits and Risk Analysis
  • Project Planning and Status Reporting
​​ RS-HUB  ​

​​Run Straight is proud to be a Vendor of Record with the Federal and Provincial Governments​.  Le​arn More.

​​​Our Service Offerings

Project Management & Coordination.

Projects often go awry because of an inability for the business and IT areas to communicate effectively​. Our project management style, which draws on our business and IT expertise, starts by gaining a strong understanding of your business goals and establishing effective communication​between stakeholders.

Our unique combination of business and IT expertise means we are 'fluent in both languages'. This streamlines communication and the decision making process and ultimately the entire project​.

Project Audits & Risk Analysis.

Strong project management that truly understands the business, its procedures, and the dynamic business environment continues to be a top challenge faced by organizations. ​​

We can help minimize risk while maximizing opportunity. Let us help assess the risks associated with a project and identify mitigation techniques to meet these risks head on before they become a costly issue.

Project Planning & Status Reporting. 

We find the right balance between an organization's resources and its time constraints to make sure that deadlines are met. We offer setup and advisory services.

​Using the project plan as a baseline we can help you track a project's status.  At any point we can step in to reassess project scope to meet changing constraints and expectations of the project. ​