RS-CMS is complete with the following modules.​

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The ability to offer your clients multiple service channels so they can decide what suits their needs.

Custom Intake Forms

IVR Call Centre Integration​

Client Surveys​


Intake Streaming

Location Storage​

Follow Up functionality

Enhanced Searching

Dynamic Reminder Checklists

Review workflows​​

Assignment Workflows

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Resource Management

Effectively manage and track your Organization’s resources (i.e. equipment, technology, vehicles, beds, etc.)

Define Resources

Master Scheduling

Booking Resources


Resource Assignments

Usage Reporting

Link Resources to Case Files

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File Management

Designed to minimize work and maximize productivity. ​​Managing the entire life cycle of a case file is the true strength of the RS-CMS.

Automatic Case Creation

Multi-user Capabilities


Case Resources

Automatic Docketing

Activities & Notes


Case Summary


Client & Case Merging

Case Summary

Batch Moving, Closing & File Transfer

To Do’s & Reminders

​​Document Management

Optical Character Recognition

Template Generator


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Document Management

Upload Documents directly into files, or generate and extract documents with case specific information, streamlining work process and ensuring that no information is lost.

Document Upload



Template Generation

'Format email' button

SMS Text Messaging

Automatic Notifications​

Dynamic ​Privacy Levels

SharePoint Integration

MS Office Uploader Add Ins

Auto Processing

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Upload research, link documents to case files, tag existing materials for individualized categorization and create personal and shared libraries. Just a few of the many things this module allows you to do.

Enhanced Searching

Dynamic Categorization



Link to File​

Personalized Libraries

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Our unique file and carton barcoding functionality makes files tracking and archiving simple.

Internal Archiving

External Archiving

Create File Labels

Barcode Scanner

Pending Archive Reports

File Check In ​& Out

Display Status & Location

Search for Files & Cartons

Request Files From Archive

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Disbursements & Invoicing

Keep track of disbursements and invoicing.




Disbursement & Invoicing Reports

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Record contact details and information, link contacts and define relationships, check for existing contacts, and maintain a history of contacts.

Automatic Profile Creation

Search Existing Contacts



Link Contacts to Case Files

Define Relationships

Advanced Search

Maintain Contact History

Conflict Checking

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Dynamic Workflows

Our system offers dynamic workflow functionality that enables the creation of organization specific workflows to assist with oversight.

Standard Workflows

Dynamic Workflows


Email Notifications

Workflow Tracking

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Dynamic Forms​

Improve communication with you partners and Clients by creating your own custom forms & surveys that can be uploaded directly into the system our through our online portals.

Dyanmic Forms​


Portal Integration

Survey Summary Reports

Administrative Interface

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Client & Incident

Store, summarize, & manage all of the information you have on a Client with the Client & Incident module.

Client/Incident Storage​

Link Case Files

Link Contacts


Manage Profiles

Conflict Check

Special Instructions

Important Numbers

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Security & Permissions

Specifically designed for organizations working with sensitive information, RS-CMS' dynamic security model means that the system can be configured to meet the needs of your organization.

Administrative Interface

Forms & Windows Authentication​

IP Filtering

Case Level Security

Role-based Security


Audit Logs

Session Timeout

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The project management module enables an organization to track special projects outside of standard case work.

Project Tracking


Activity Recording





Project link to cases

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The report module has over 100 canned reports and new reports can be easily added.

Canned Reports

Ad-Hoc Reports

Build Queries

Scoring & Displaying Results

Dashboard Reports


Organizational Structures

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Complaint module provides Management with the ability to keep a record of any ongoing investigations being conducted to resolve complaints.

Link complaints to case files or users.

Track complaints from start to finish.

Role based access means only Management will see the complaints.

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The Correspondence Module enables the viewing of a central email account and the sending of emails from a central email account or user account.

Viewing a central email account.

Send emails from the central email account.

Email Log of all system emails that have been sent.

SMTP/MS Exchange relay.

Template generator allows population of standard email templates.

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​The Legal Module was developed for the legal field and includes detailed conflict checking, retainers, settlement and hearing order details.

Hearing Order Details​

Conflict Checking




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Task Lists

​Our Task Lists Module allows tasks to be assigned based on predefined business rules and file characteristics.

Master Lask Lists

Automatic Assigning

Create Events & To Do's

Reduce Missed Tasks

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​An encrypted, multilingual portal that allows clients and partners to securely share documents, submit forms, and do e-filing.

Submit Intakes

Secure Document Sharing

Share Activities


Secure Messaging

Request Information

Manage Accounts​

Maintain User Profiles

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Automated scheduling makes manual scheduling a thing of the past. Scheduling priorities and availabilities are defined by user preference. This module is fully integrated with MS Outlook and supports two-way calendar syncing.

Automated Scheduling

User Defined Availability

Shared Calendar Management

MS Outlook Integration

Self-Cleaning Ability

Auto Sync with Outlook

Resource Scheduling​

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System Administration

RS-CMS is designed to make system maintenance simple and headache free.

Dynamic Value Management

Page Content Editor

Template Editor

Holiday Management




Knowledge Base

Organization Management

System History Log

System Rules

User Management

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3rd Party Integration

RS-CMS is designed to make system maintenance simple and headache free.


Built in

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